Tuesday, September 16, 2008

UNLOCK YOUR MMC for Nokia Users

There are plenty of ways of unlocking password guarded MMCs like downloading MMC unlockers or formatting through PC. Why I prefer this unlocking technique, because it is simple without using a PC, no unlockers, and much safer for your data. This can be done by using the famous Fexplorer, a more extensive file manager than the Nokia build in file manager. With Fexplorer you can easily manipulate your files, copy, cut, paste your files to your choice location, you can even rename various file extensions so you can send copyrighted files. That is why whenever I have a new Nokia unit Fexplorer is one of the first applications I install first.

Here's how we find the password for your MMC:

1. Download and Install Fexplorer

2.Open your Fexplorer and you can see C, D, E, Z filing. Move your directional pad up down to highlight C.

3.Press right on your pad, then press Options, then "File", press right, select "Find".

4.You will see a "File To Find" window, type in "mmcstore", then press OK.

5.You will notice that your phone may seem to load for a few seconds, then you will see a "MMC Store" file, press Options, highlight File, press right, select "Editor{Viewer}"

6.Now you can see the password in plain text.

Now you can open your MMC or Remove Password whenever or whatever you like.

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Anonymous said...

nice tip, no hassles.

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