Friday, September 26, 2008


                              Medieval Combat-Age of Glory
                             Tom Clancy's Rainbow6 Lockdown
Tom Clancy's SplinterCell Chaos Theory
Asphalt UrbanGT2
Tom Clancy's Rainbow6 Vegas

Revival time folks, I've been playing most of these games ages ago in their S-30 version with my Nokia 3530 and I became a Gameloft fan after that. And these picks are some of my faves, I know anyone whose gone through many cell phones upgrade, especially Nokias are familiar with these games. Let's just say for a mobile game with limited capacities the graphics are good enough and each game concept in terms of difficulties and levels is fair enough to while your time playing. For those who have not played these games yet {is there anyone?}, try it, and those who have played these games over and over, what the heck, let's play it again.
Download Gameloft Gamepack.zip1.11MB

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RIZEworkshopr said...

plz add me to your blog list..!!
i will adds urs..!!

NortuRE said...

Nice collections you've got here, friend! Certainly worth a try..hehe

Btw, a little visit won't hurt us, eh?
Have a nice day ^_^

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