Wednesday, September 24, 2008


You can convert PDF files to Word, Text, Excel even .jpg free without downloading or paying for converter softwares. Check out ZamZar for your free online conversion.

To convert, just follow their simple 4 steps procedure:
Upload your file
Choose the conversion format
Enter your e-mail address to receive the converted files
Click Convert

Then you will be advised that your file will be sent to via email address that you entered and will be stored for 24 hours after receipt. As for me, I checked my email after a couple of minutes and the ZamZar message is already there with the download link.
Unfortunately, PDF files cannot be directly converted to Excel. Following the usual ZamZar procedure, first, you have to convert your PDF file to Text format, then download the Text file from your ZamZar email, and save the file to your computer. Now open your Microsoft Excel, click File, then Open, when you see the Open File box, below at the Files of Type, change the All Microsoft Excel Files to All Files. Now all files will be visible including your converted Text file. Go to the folder where you saved your converted Text file, Select your Text file and click Open. What you'll see next is another box labeled as Text Import Box. Just check Delimited and click Next.

At the Step 2 box, under Delimiters check Space and click Next. Voila, now you will find your Text file divided into columns by vertical lines.

Click Next and at Step 3 click Finish, now save your file as Microsoft Excel. I admit the finished converted Excel file is not completely finish for my taste yet, so as I have to do some editing for it {a PDF revenue tax form for my bookkeeping purposes} to suit my usage. Also the common Excel formula function bar is not present.

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