Monday, September 29, 2008


There sometimes comes a funny feeling of paranoia when my PC is acting strange. After running anti spyware and anti virus scans with normal results, but still my computer is sluggish. Now comes the need to know feeling what processes and services are running in my computer, usually I run it with Glary Utilities' process manager. Glary works just like your Windows Task Manager but richer. It monitors your computer's running processes, CPU usage percentage, memory usage, program manufacturer, and also rates the program in terms of Trustworthy, Safer, Safe, or Unknown. When in doubt about a running program, you can always go online to obtain more information before finally ending or deleting its running process. Besides the process manager Glary Utilities also comes with a startup manager, file shredder, registry cleaner, junk, disk, and temp files cleaners and various helpful services.
There is also an autorun scan in Revo Uninstaller, whereby a trojan kavo.exe hiding in my computer was identified and named as such, thus making removal easier. Autoruns Systernals also provides a more richer detail of your running programs and services, but whatever autorun monitor you use, be always careful before ending or deleting a running program.

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