Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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Google Earth is once again making news after reports last week that previously blurred images of a British Naval base and images of what are clearly two nuclear subs appeared in the clear. While the images are sensitive, this type of exposure is a fact of life when you consider the nature of the Internet and the availability of satellite imagery.

UK tabloid newspaper, The Sun broke the story of the base located Faslane, Scotland, which had been blurred in the past on Google Earth. However, a recent update kept the images clean and that has caused some to worry, including FUD that terrorists will use images like this to launch attacks. It’s happened before true, but more often than not, the images available from Google and other sources are used as a secondary level of intelligence.

Yet, speaking to The Sun, an MOD spokesman said, “We do everything to protect bases but it’s impossible to control all websites providing satellite imagery. If people are really determined to target these sites they can find these images and there is nothing we can do to stop them.”
It is important to note, the location of the base is well-established. That is not the issue; the problem is the detailed location of the buildings. Google said that they work with governments to blur images if asked, but would not comment on any discussions or why they images are still visible.

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Hammed said...

Why can't Iran et al have a nuke base and UK and the other member of G8 can, only they can tell. Well, I never understand international politics anyway. Interesting post, Warshock.

Nurses & Geeks said...

Another security breach that google can do. This is so frightening for the British government & community having a whole capture of this nuke naval base. Any terrorist could simply do a hard plan using this security flaw. As what the MOD spokesman said, i agree to that one. IMO, they provide these top secret military bases or alike, a high-end technology that could protect these from satellite scans and IR scans.

WARSHOCK said...

@Hammed...you hit the button there,Hamm. Israel was rumored to have plans on launching a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.Read http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/US/story?id=5281043&page=1 ... Iran's having nuclear capability is considered a great threat by Israel. Israel is believed to have nuclear weapons, but is not confirming it.
On the other hand, it's official that India and Pakistan(both at conflict) have conducted/detonated nuclear weapons tests. Also add North Korea to that list.
i believe, hamm, if you have the money, you can buy nuclear technology anywhere.

WARSHOCK said...

@Nurses and Geeks..as the report states, these are update images to once were blurred images. thanks to google we now have access to high security level satellite images for free...lol.
In my earlier post, google earth was used by the mumbai terrorists way back, remember? I used to believe that google earth have a policy regarding secret military installations, or maybe google is anti nukes after all...lol well, no word yet from the british defense.

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