Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Microsoft Corp. may be talking up the performance boost it gave to the just-launched Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), but the new browser remains the slowest of the top five on the market, benchmark tests show.
According to JavaScript rendering tests run by Computerworld, the final version of IE8 is only slightly faster than the browser's Release Candidate 1 (RC1), which Microsoft delivered in January.
Computerworld ran the SunSpider benchmark tests in Windows XP three times for each browser, then averaged the scores.
Google Inc.'s Chrome led all browsers with a score of just 1382 -- in SunSpider, lower scores are better -- making it more than four times faster than IE8. Coming in second was Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox 3.0.7, followed by Apple Inc.'s Safari 3.2.2 for Windows and Opera Software's Opera 9.63.
Firefox proved to be 59% faster than IE8, while Safari was 47 faster faster. Opera, the slowest non-Microsoft production browser, was still 38 percent faster than IE8.
Microsoft, however, has continued to downplay benchmarks such as SunSpider, and instead has promoted page-load time trials that pit browsers against each other in rendering the Web's top 25 destinations. Last week, Microsoft claimed that IE8 loaded more sites faster than either Chrome or Firefox.
At the time, however, James Pratt, a senior program manager for IE, acknowledged that the differences were slight. That's another angle the company has taken when it's talked about IE8's performance. In an interview yesterday, for example, Pratt called IE8 "highly competitive" with other browsers, and dubbed it "the fastest version of IE that we have ever released."
But he also acknowledged that speed is important to users. "We know that speed is critical to people who are using browsers today," Pratt said, "and we recognize that users have a choice when it comes to browser."

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ditesco said...

This is an awful lot of data to digest:) Although, It looks pretty straight forward to me. As I said before, I am a FF fan and can't live without my add-ons. I have downloaded IE of course to check compatibility and stuff, but I still am not using it regularly. Actually, your recent post about Chrome made me think twice. Will test it and see... TC

WARSHOCK said...

@diTesco...you're right, friend. now the tests' argument is benchmark against the Web's top 25 destinations. i can say that IE8 have some neat improvements though.
as of now, let's hope that these browser speed wars will result in much better browsers security and performance.

kenwooi.com said...

Interesting writeup.. i still prefer Firefox.. =)

WARSHOCK said...

@ kenwooi...yup...FF is most browser users' popular alternative to IE. watch out for the FF patch which FF developers considered a 'critical patch' which is slated to come out in Firefox 3.0.8.
thanks for dropping by...

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