Friday, December 12, 2008


Intel on Wednesday said it finished development work on manufacturing technology that will allow it to produce chips with circuitry just 32-nanometers in size, a billionth of a meter, by the fourth quarter of next year.
The new production technology will enable the company to lower costs and power consumption in chips, while adding more speed and functionality. In general, microprocessing speeds are directly related to the number of transistors on a chip, and the smaller the transistor, the more can be packed together on a single chip die. Smaller production technology lowers costs by enabling companies to increase output.
The development also means Intel will for the fourth consecutive time match its "tick-tock" strategy, a target to introduce an entirely new microprocessor architecture alternating with new production technology roughly every twelve months.
At a technical conference later this month, Intel engineers plan to detail how they will transition from the current crop of 45-nanometer processors to chips that are built on a new 32-nm manufacturing process. Intel is developing this new line of processors under the code name “Westmere,” and Intel plans to bring the first of these 32-nm microprocessors to the market in late 2009. At the same conference, IBM and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing also plan to detail their efforts at developing and manufacturing 32- and 22-nm processors.

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Kev said...

One of these days (soon), Intel will come up with a nanochip so small that you can't see it with your naked eye - and that would make the size of a full-specs computers would shrink so much that you could put it in your shirt pocket like a card wallet.

Hmm, i think it's already being built somewhere in the world.

p/s: I never go for Intel chips. My choice has always been AMD since my first computer about 15 years ago... donno why :)

WARSHOCK said...

intel 32nm will be in transitional phase on 2009, but they are planning on developing 22nm chips.
you're right, that means more compact pc boards.
AMD is also a quality chip, plenty of AMD users here in the philippines.

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