Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Microsoft has once again put Windows XP on life support, extending the OS's death date to May 30, 2009. This reprieve comes two months after rumors swirled about another potential bail out.
In the new agreement -- first discovered by ChannelWeb -- distributors can purchase XP licenses until January 31, 2009, the original date in which XP was supposed to turn to dust, but take delivery against those orders through May 30.
Windows XP was supposed to stop shipping on January 30, 2008, but that date has been extended several times. It will live on Netbooks until 2010. XP is also still a booming business: Dell started charging $150 per Vista downgrade -- three times as much as the original fee.
Meanwhile, Windows 7's rumored release date hovers around October 2009. With each extension of Windows XP's death, Microsoft inches closer to Windows 7's release, thereby sublimating Vista and its skimpy chances at some kind of late-blooming success. Given the market's resistance to Vista -- and Microsoft's own perceived uncertainty -- we should expect Windows 7 to arrive sooner rather than later so the monstrous software company can save face.

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Trent said...

Merry Christmas!

eRipples said...

wow, this is great news salamat sa pagshare ani bai.

ayos ni imo website bai.

LEon said...

Compare vista to XP, Xp is still better...Let's hope win 7 will not be a disappointment...

WARSHOCK said...

Taking into consideration the large users population of xp, that's why microsoft can't abolish xp that easy and they have been trying that since last year. To counter that move, a Save the Xp campaign was launched.

pinaykeypoint said...

Bro this is a usual takeoff of any program, I remember the DOS to windows, windows95 to win98. I have 3 licenses of win98 and the struggle to win2000 to xp then to vista. it's a neverending story lolz... that's the "beauty" of technology daw according to businessmen. The reason to raise prices for profits sake :) kahit ayos pa ang pc mo pag di na supported ang mga programs at drivers, obligado magpalit... the spirit of capitalism bro nyehehehe

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