Saturday, December 27, 2008


Microsoft has a new certified professional in its ranks -- and she's 9 years old.
The girl, from the Tamil Nadu region of India, passed Microsoft's exam this week, according to Indian media reports. She's now the youngest person to ever do so, breaking a previous record held by a 10-year-old from Pakistan.
Microsoft's Certified Professional exam is designed for IT professionals. As you'll see, though, being ahead of her age is nothing new for this young gal. She explains her story in the video below.

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Funny Buburuza said...

I just realized that I'm so stupid! :)))

LEon said...

So what the big deal? I worked with some foreign certified IT professional and regardless of the cert which they claimed to have, they just didn't get the job done or did the right job. So I have my doubt.

WARSHOCK said..., being certified pro IT does not mean you're really qualified, and that,s basing on your experience friend. now they have a 9 yr. old joining their ranks, and may surpass them in years to

pinaykeypoint said...

Bro I agree with Leon, it's the actual quality output that matters, theory is always another story and exams can be reviewed and perfected overtime (sa atin nga sa recto lang abogado ka na nyahaha!)

But bro, you wont beat my 4 year old son in mortal kombat hehehe kahit ako at yung hub ko di namin kaya. practice makes perfect :)


Thank you for the daily visits kahit wala ako bro, I really appreciate it. Na miss ko kau bro, whew! ang hirap maghabol ng backlog in fairness haha, water please... hiningal ako sa comments parang Milo Marathon :)

I hope you had a happy christmas bro with table full of your favorites, i bet tumaba ka ngayun

Let me take this time to great you a prosperous 2009. More friends, more posts and more blessings to all of us! Cheers!!

ditesco said...

I don't think what matters here is, what Microsoft is doing to prepare the IT Gurus of the future, but instead is what this young girl managed to do in such an early stage. I have to say that this is impressive. I would like to see Leon take this test and see where it goes:)

Maligayang Bagong Taon.. I hope I said this right.

Hammed said...

Wow. I doubt I would've passed the exam myself.

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