Friday, November 7, 2008


With no popular phones released for this holiday season, and hardly any this year, Motorola is set to revamp its entire mobile phone division with the help of Google's mobile operating system, Android.
Sanjay Jha, the company's new handset division chief, is planning large scale job cuts and will slash the number of mobile operating systems the company uses at the moment.
Six is the number of operating systems Motorola uses so far in its phone lineup and the new strategy will reduce this number by three. As reported earlier this month, Motorola gathered a 350 strong Android developers team and now revealed plans use of Google's operating system for its mid-tier phones, which constitute the company's largest volume sales.
The other two remaining mobile phone operating systems at Motorola will be Windows Mobile, which will be used for high-end phones and its proprietary system (P2K OS) for its inexpensive handsets.
Google's Android is based on Linux, an open source standard that Motorola was fancying for quite a while, so there's no wonder that the company adopted Android as its preferred platform. Also, Google isn't asking for any royalties from manufacturers that use Android, so here's another well-spent buck for Motorola.
It's hard to predict whether Android is going to save Motorola from further trouble. However, Motorola seems to be taking the right steps toward a rejuvenated future, also making users happy by providing a decent and easy to maintain software platform.
We should see anytime now an Android-based Moto prototype.

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Nurse Jen Doll said...

Any info on where to get a prototype or test one for free?

Nurse Jen Doll said...

Seriously if you find any infos on that blog about it, let me know. I'm a phone gadget fan lol and I'm kind of hating on my G1 right now. It dies a lot.

Nurse Jen Doll said...

The Google G1 Android system is pretty nice, actually. It is still BETA though, but the good thing about it being BETA is that we get to download all the applications they have for free and uninstall whatever we don't like.. or reinstall if we realize we need it lol.

They have a huge load of applications for the phone and I find all the ones for productivity A+'s. They're very handy. These iphones, g1's, whatever, are very useful to bloggers. What's nice about the G1 also is the Gmail functionality. I have some alerts on Google alert set up on 'nursing' so whatever anything nursing pop up on blogs I get notified and I get to visit that blog and maybe comment on it, leave a link, etc. I like it. But yeah, the battery thing on my phone sucks. I gotta keep it charged up a lot.

itot54joni said...

ok naman tong blog mo.antay mo na lng tol.minsan kasi matagal mgupdate

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