Sunday, November 30, 2008


In observance of this year's World Aids Day, I decided to pause, reflect and pay respect to those suffered and died, not the numbers and figures in the statistics, but the real people who are unwilling victims of this dreadful disease. As I was preparing and gathering resources for my World Aids Day post, with a mindset that this is a usual post with statistics and everything, I came upon this very disturbing Aids In Asia photos, taken in Cambodia. Truly a single picture speaks a thousand words, and it presents me with the harsh and painful reality.

Here's the reality and some words from the photographer:
"Numbers and statistics are just that, nothing more than markings on paper or words on a news program, the human side however is truly disturbing. Patients wait to die alone, coated in flies and nursed by family members. Understaffed hospitals are in such disrepair that they have been deemed biohazard and HAZMAT threats and workers refuse to even enter the premises, much less make necessary repairs and provide care to patients. In several well known hospitals I found myself literally wading through ankle deep piles of disposed needles, catheter bags and soiled linens, as patents navigated hallways with potholes that dropped through to the floors below."
He further dedicates his photos and closes as saying:
"This photo story is dedicated to my new friends who sit quietly and wait to die, those who choose not to sit quietly but fight for the lives and the health of their friends, family, and complete strangers. This photo story should also serve as an attack on the organizations, governments, corporations and pharmaceutical giants who quite simply are doing too little."

Maybe after posting, I will take a short walk outside, take a deep breath and find a quiet corner where I can be alone, maybe mumble a few prayers, and ponder on this lousy overasked question, but weighs a ton at this moment....WHY?

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pinaykeypoint said...

This is what we call "Alienation" bro.

As workers are alienated from production because they are replaced by machines, people become jobless...

when they are jobless, they become poor... and sick...

...and advancements of medicines are not created for the poor...

These are one of the repercussions of a society which prioritizes the advancement of technology not in the context of curing the people from diseases or support them to live decently...

One day these technologies will end and erase human race from this earth...

kelan pa...aantayin pa ba yan?

madramang commnent! haha :) isipin mo na lang bro nakinig ka sa rally :)

WARSHOCK said...

that's the grave effect of automation, sis, what used to produced by hundred workers pounding away, can now be done by 2 workers operating those hi-tech machines. Profit wise to the advantage of those companies, but what about the now displaced workers. that's where the conflict arises in application and purpose of technology, like in production. And I agree with you 100%.
And now comes one of the equalizer of our times-AIDS. When it hits you, you're it, and it does'nt matter how many companies you own, although you may survive a bit longer than the aids stricken have nots.
Sis, posible kaya na hindi technology ang mg wipe out sa human race kundi pestilence, as in one of the 4 horsemen ng apocalypse.
Seriously, sis, na i pose ko ang question na Why, not in desperation, but in knowing that the next question is 'what are we going to do next, fellas'.

Mike Riley said...

You're absolutely right: the faces of AIDS speak volumes more than any number could indicate. Thanks for making me "face AIDS".


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