Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Resident Evil 5, Capcom's fifth chapter in their renowned zombie-slaying survival horror franchise and first Resident Evil game on Xbox 360 and PS3, releases on March 13, 2009, but you don't have to wait two months to play the game.
A playable Resident Evil 5 demo will be available for download on Monday, January 26 on Xbox Live and about a week later on PSN. The exact date of the RE5 demo on the PlayStation 3 is unknown, but it's promised to be around February 5 when a new PSN update is scheduled to go up.

Two levels from Resident Evil 5's story mode will be included in the free demo which can be played either online or offline in the game's cooperative mode where players massacre parasitic hordes as series hero Chris Redfield and female newcomer Sheva Alomar.

It's still unconfirmed what stages in particular will be in the demo, but they'll likely be the first two levels where you battle infected villagers, the hulking axe-carrying executioner, and even the new one-eyed chainsaw-wielding madman.

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Hubby said...

too bad I gave up video games 2 years ago. All grown up here lol :)

WARSHOCK said...

@Hubby...i think, no one's too old to play video Some games are what IT's call exercise games, and they are challenging enough for the player must find a specific solution to a problem.
sometimes i play simple games to clear my head before logging in.

pinaykeypoint said...

Wow bro this is a good news to PC gamers ^_^ me pipiratahin at hahackin na naman yung mga friends natin jan nyehehe :)

I have 3 video slot game machine here sa may terrace bro, for rent sa mga kids around the community, you wont defeat my 4 year old kid sa mortal kombat at ako pang puzzle bobble at super mario na lang ngaun hehe..

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