Tuesday, October 7, 2008


After discussing autoruns monitors in my past post, now I am going to introduce a colorful tool. This free tool, WinDirStat, scans and checks all your drive's files and displays a result in form of a colorful treemap.

Now this colorful treemap shows each file in your drives, MP3s, DATs, JPGs, even game's BIKs, in a colored rectangle form and it's size is in proportion to the file's size. With this tool, you now have the data which file occupies a large space in your drives and its location with options to relocate or delete. As the screenshot illustrates, I have a rather large mp3 file as indicated by the blue colored rectangle, followed by dat files, which are to be converted saved movies from discs for my ipod and cell phone. Then clicking on my main drive on the left panel, there's 325mb unknown file that needs to be check. You can click on a colored rectangle and in an instant leads you to the location of that file. You can also click a file in both right and left panel and it leads you to its location on colored treemap below. With WinDirStat I can now monitor my PC in a colorful different perspective and once installed it occupies a mere 1.41 mb space in my drive.

Download WinDirStat

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